Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Day

This christmas was really fun for me! Mark had expressed how much he wanted a Wii. well I did all the lying I could to make sure he thought there was NO WAY he would get one.... then christmas morn he opened up a Wii game. It was the best!!! It was worth all the fibs i had to tell and trouble I went through to keep it a seceret. The best part was everyone knew he was getting one but him:) LOVE YOU MARKUS!!

Mark did very well in surprising me with alot of sentemental gifts. What a wounderful husband.. he knows me all too well:)


nat said...

Hey guys! Love the blog! Yeah, a Wii!! We just got Mario Kart for Christmas, it has kept us pretty entertained. Looks like you had a good Christmas as well. By the way, Ben about peed his pants when he was watching the video clips of Dance Dance Revolution. Ah, good times. Congrats to your sister and her family that is so exciting! And I love your new hair color, it is beautiful. I am still loving my hair cut. Love it, and sorry this comment is so long. Happy New Year! Love Nat and fam

The Cheney Family said...

Was Mark cold or did he get that hat from santie too? Great job on the surprise!! Yeah!!!