Monday, December 1, 2008

Here is a video from the thanksgiving bash!

We all went to the St. George temple grounds to look at the lights. I love the temples this one was gorgeous.

This is 3 of Joe and Chere's kids. They gave baby holly a mallow and she just kept sucking on it like it was a binky it was pretty comical!

This is Ben and Nat and their 2 kids. I just got done cutting the Natalie's and Maggie's hair!! Not too shabby eh?

We had two dance revolution pads so we had dance offs with everyone. Ben and Mark were personally my favorite. Here are a few videos. One of them is their version of river dance I will let you guess which one that is :)

We had a really fun thanksgiving weekend! We went down to St. George and stayed with family.
Marks brother Joe lives there with his 4 kids and Marks brother Ben came up from Arizona with his wife and two kids. We ate a lot and played wii a lot. It was great.