Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jade's Day

The day after Christmas Julie and Weldon were sealed to there little miracle Jade Elizabeth! I was wonderful! I am so thankful for temples and the opportunity we have to be with those we love forever. Weldon and Julie now have their Jade forever. Congrats weldon and julie we love you!!

Christmas Day

This christmas was really fun for me! Mark had expressed how much he wanted a Wii. well I did all the lying I could to make sure he thought there was NO WAY he would get one.... then christmas morn he opened up a Wii game. It was the best!!! It was worth all the fibs i had to tell and trouble I went through to keep it a seceret. The best part was everyone knew he was getting one but him:) LOVE YOU MARKUS!!

Mark did very well in surprising me with alot of sentemental gifts. What a wounderful husband.. he knows me all too well:)


My sister Julie and her husband were over to our house for FHE ( family home evening) And I wanted for them to just take a snap shot of Mark and I because I was behind on Christmas cards and time was running out. well this is always an ordeal for us because it seems to me that Markus likes to do a different facial expression for every picture! Besides he HATES taking them because I am picky:) needless to say I think it turned out pretty good!
I thought this was really funny but I don't think Baxter appreciated it as much. I hope you enjoy it.

Mom's BIG 5 0

We did a fish fry and had so much fun!! What a mess it was to clean up, and my house smelt like gress for a week! Everyone was alot of help and we played pictuionary and had fun as ALWAYS:)

Victoria and Henry sang all the christmas carols they knew. Victoria was quite the preformer and she knew ALL the words!